Tips on how to clean your floor. Mop vs Vacuum

When cleaning the house especially the hard surface like floor then most people likes to clean the house by the mob. Grab the mob in the hand and start to clean. However, according to the research, cleaning by vacuum is a good choice and appropriate way. Some people do not like to clean the house by vacuum method because the floor takes too much time to dry and it is hard than mopping. But using the vacuum is a good way and also has better results and improves the indoor quality of air which is not possible by the mopping. There are different types of floors that are cleaned in different ways and those all are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Clean the carpeted floors

The carpeted floors are easy to clean but you have to consider some important t6hinfs while cleaning these floors because it easily catches dust and dirt. For cleaning the carpeted floor, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the floor because it is the faster and easiest method to clean. In addition, by vacuum, dust and dirt will be removed from the floor but the stain and deep cleaning are not possible by this method. So, you have to apply some other cleaner and apply that cleaner by brushes on the floor to remove the stain. In the last step, the floor is washed with water, and apply wiper on the floor.

 Clean the hardwood floors

 When you are cleaning the wood floor then firstly you have to remove the dust from the floor by using the broom. Then use the mop to clean the floor and also apply polish for that floor for cleaning and improve the beauty of the house.

 Mopping and vacuuming

Mopping and vacuuming is the best way to clean the floor and it is applied to the different kinds of floor to clean them and improve the beauty of the house.

 Some important things related to the mopping

 Before mopping, the broom works well and also removes the dust from the floor because it grabs the dust. So, mopping is a little bit easy after a broom. by mop, you can catch the dust and other dirt from the corners and also clean the hidden dirt from the furniture and other types of equipment. In addition, the way of mopping for cleaning is the easiest and better way.

Some important things for vacuuming

It is a good approach for the deep and best cleaner. 

The vacuum has filters and other attach other strong tools to clean the floor. Apart from this, a vacuum is only suitable fora particular type of floor. The best point is that it can catch the dust and dirt from the equipment of the house by using the filters which exist in the inner side of the vacuum. You can also See post at floorcleaningtools website related to the ways of cleaning. Vacuum cleaning is a good approach to cleaning the floors because it needs less time with high quality of cleaning. Apart from this, it is the best and effective way to get a good result.